To stick, or not to stick

...that is the question.

So, is it even possible to have a build platform that both sticks AND not?

Easy-Peelzy comes for the rescue

With our patent pending Easy-Peelzy platform design, you can in fact get the best of both worlds.
The Easy-Peelzy platform includes two parts: the base layer that sticks to your existing 3D printer bed, and a top layer that snaps to the base layer.
The top layer has a polymer sticker on the top so all your PLA and PLA-based (e.g. Laybrick, Laywood, Metal-fill, etc.) filaments would bond really well onto it.

See Easy-Peelzy in action

What other makers say

..if you are looking for a really convenient way to remove prints, to flex them off without scraping your bed (whic I hate doing), then I would actualy recommend this product.

Maker's Muse

Brilliant product : easy to cut to size, perfect first layer and so easy to "peel" the print off. Also shipping was super fast !


Good price. Good product. PLA sticks, no worries. PLA peels right off really easy. I'm loving this.

Michael E.

Pretty good quality so I bought a couple more.

Sean M.

Quick delivery, very good product! "easy peasy lemon squeeze"

Andras V.